Monday, 22 April 2013

Victims of victims

One day there's a farmer, a scientist, and an artist.
The farmer sells his products for 10,000 per portion, scientists tutors for 10,000, and the artist sells his services for 10,000.
One day the scientists discovered how to increase the farmer's productivity twofolds.
The farmer was so happy he now could sell his products for cheaper, 7000 per portion.
Many people came to the farmer to trade, and the farmer grew richer and richer.

The artist took his food from the farmer and enjoyed the reduction of price as well. But artists being artists, he rarely find people who appreciates his work even though his work is all about facilitating bringing people together and made it easer for them to work together in harmony. Arts are very valuable.
So seeing this reality, the artist thought "the farmer is rich" and everytime the farmer went to ask for the artist' services, the artist rose his price. Now the farmer has to pay 15,000 for the artist's services, even though he had lowered his price of food.
The scientist, well he just looked at them shaking his head.

There was a lot of dissapointment in the air, but being a patient person, the scientist didn't start any riot or whatsoever. Thank God.


  1. Charity is the opposite of communism,
    Now if the farmer shared his income with the scientist, and the artists who has participated in the cooperation. We don't have to deal with all these vicious cycles of lies: to buy unneccessary products in order to give thanks.

    But capitalism is all about creating products, therefore the scientists must rise his prices as well...
    Blah blah! then who's going to help the scientist? the next students? which then going to be "employed" by the farmer not because of their skills but because of their "paying to the scientist"?
    Monopoly alert, wasteful, status oriented vs productivity oriented alert!
    Monopoly alert because the farmer, the rich guy, ended up providing jobs to people who have paid to the scientists instead of people who got actual skills, or if he employed both, the people who paid is going to act all political towards the people who actually got employed because of their skills.
    So the "rich guy" ended up surrounded with people who feel deserving of their position out of "political" skills rather than actual skills. So the rich guy, rather than creating new innovative products, would play above the law, because that's what's their organization was going to be good at.

    Plus, the scientist would have to provide education only to the rich or high paying kids/students, which then would be guaranteed jobs by the rich guy.
    What's going to happen to regular paying people, left with low class education? NOOOOOO!

    Why don't we just face the fact, and have the farmer give back to the scientist donation money straight away? And then both the scientist and the farmer give back to the artist? Case closed, done, on to the next innovation.

  2. Jesus is the Lord, money is dishonest. Our flow of help imo, at least some types of helps, would be very restricted and not objective if it were to depend on the "value of money".
    So lets help each other, regardless of Money as much as we could. "You can't serve both God and Mamon", "Store your treasures in the Kingdom of God". Think Eternity, think honesty and truth, think Jesus. God bless you all