Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Its Belta's birthday v.02

Belta... Belta!

(Belta walks into the dining room)

Belta, its your birthday today!

(Belta is still sleepy, she went on just staring at her mom)

How exciting is that, right? (Mom procced on hugging Belta)

Belta: Mom, do you have a pen?

Mom: You loose your pen?

Belta: No, its broken...

Mom: Ok dear wait... (mom went on searching on her bag)

Belta: I'm 14 today...

Mom: Yeah ain't it exciting?

(Mr. Jacob rushed out of the bathroom, hair still wet but with full office suit on)

Dad: Oh no, oh no...
Gretel, Pass me the water please...

Mom: Wait, here... its still 7.00 am whats the rush?

Dad: Good morning Belly (smooch Belta's cheeck like its a cotton candy).

Belta: EEEwww nooo Dad...

Dad: I just brushed, hey. Hahahaha...

Belta: Still its disgusting (wiping cheek)

Dad: I'm sorry I'm not taking you to the school... today I must come early, Dui is not feeling well, he asked me to do his presentation for his Indonesian clients. Apparently they just got here and its supposed to be 9 pm there now, so I must do a quick presentation in an hour.

Mom: WHAT? Happened to Dui?

Dad: (Drinking water)

Belta: Wow, how many hours is that... 8, 9... its 14 hours difference! Indonesia must be pretty far away!

Dad: Yes, my smart Belly... (pinching Belta's nose) and if I late I'm going to pass their resting time, and things might gone south from there on.

Oh, Belly belly... happy bellsday (pull a tiny gift from his pocket... a box with purple wrappings with a bell attached to its yellow ribbon)

Belta: Wow thanks Dad you don't forget, its sooo nice :)

Dad: No, not your birthday my love. (Hugging Belta)... Anyway I gotta go, bye
(stormed out)

Mom: Eh, he didn't answer my question?!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lirik Rohani / Christian song Lyric v.02

Tuhanlah sumber solusi
Tuhanlah sumber solusi
Di dalam-Nya ada pengertian
sudut pandang-Nya itu benar

Pengetahuan dunia tidak lengkap
Pengetahuan dunia itu mahal
Tapi Firman-Nya Dia berikan buat semua orang
yang menjaga-Nya akan menemukan jalan

Tuhanlah sumber solusi
Penasaranlah akan Firman-Nya.