Friday, 12 April 2013

Money Market and the Swap Market

One day there's a family of bear went loose on a village.
They chased away the villages.
The Papa bear is known to like honey
And the Mama bear is known to like fish.

One bear went back into the forest but the other one was set
To create havoc in another village. No one knows which.
So a beekeeper called his brother a fisherman
Give me some of your fish for me to do with Papa Bear later
And I'll give you some of my honey if it were the Mama Bear

Turned out to be the Papa Bear, and it came to the brother's house
The brother use the honey to keep Papa Bear busy,
And he netted the Bear, tied it, and put it on a cage.
Other people was joyful, and give lots of rewards to the brother.

The brother shared some of the rewards to his brother the beekeeper.

But we know that's not what happened in the money market and swap market.
No one gives anything to the other party.
In my opinion there are lots of services have not been rewarded since the money and the swap market.



  1. Jesus talked about Mamon as dishonest.
    You have money, does it mean you're the sole source of the solutions people gave you the money for?
    Maybe there are others who haven't got their share?
    Mamon is indeed dishonest. God is honest
    Freely receive, freely give
    Give back to Caesar what are Caesar's and to God what are God's.
    God's Love, He manifests in the preparation to keep on interacting and interacting and interacting non stop.

  2. In this case I think, people who deserve significant portion of the rewards are the source of the information about the Papa and Mama bear's preferences, which likely are the villagers of the first village.