Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rina and Tani v.04

Tani wonders, why Rina nowadays always hang out with Oda. Tani thinks Oda doesn't stand up much from the other guys hardly noticeable.
"Rina, so you like him?"
"What? Where do that come from? no"
"Noooo, don't worry you can tell me, you always hang around with him, just the two of you"
"Ngh, nothing special, I want to study for the next exam, and it seems quiet when I'm around with him."
"Noo, really don't lie"
"Why would I lie, really, you're saying no like some old kungfu master."
"Ahahaha, really? Nooooo"
AHAHAHA (both laugh)

"So you're saying you hang out around him so that you don't seem like too much of a nerd? Hahaha"
"Yeah, actually he's just like that all the time he don't talk. I don't know him more than you do"
"Really? Thats a strange dude."
"Yeah Tani, and you know what?"
"Hush, stop playing around"

"Hahaha, but I actually think he's cool, he let me focus, and is not annoying like some people."
"What are you, ... *pinch Rina's cheek* mocking me?"
"Awww, *hit Tani's hand away*... how dare you touch my cheek!"
"Don't worry I always clean my hands hahaha, your cheek is so soft I feel like pulling it everytime.."
"I'll pull your beautiful hair"
"Hahaha. what? and thank you."
"Yeah I like your hair, they are thick and shiny"
"Oh, my mom always put that aloe thing from our garden

"Oh yeah I've heard about that"
"Yeah Rina you should try it, put it on your scalp it feels so cool"
"Ow, I want to try it...
Btw Tani,
 Why are you not wearing your socks?!"
"Oh, they are wet, I stepped in a pond"
"Hahaha, what? when?"
"Just now, somebody ran and hit me"
"No, He didn't punch me, he bumped me, luckly I'm fast I jumped before I fell on my face."
"Yeah, he said sorry but I splashed his face"
"No Tani"
"Yeah, and he didn't say anything else, just sorry and then he went back running, Strange guy".
"So have you washed your hand after that?"
"mmm... you selfish I almost fell and that's what you're thinking about... hahahaha"

"Hahaha, you're allright,
"Tani, you're avoiding my question...
"No I'm not, and I have cleaned my hands I always use this thing see... (Pulled out a sanitizer bottle from her pocket), don't worry you... *pinched* Rina's cheek again"
"Why you..."

Thursday, 16 February 2012