Wednesday, 3 August 2011

AIDS and the immune system v.04

Aira has been studying HIV for a while, desperately striving to seek their weaknesses. Billions of rupiahs had been spent, but still, like many of her counterparts... she hasn't found the "done deal" solution.
The joining of Pata in her team didn't bring any fresh hope... just an intern with idealistic and ambitious spirit, trying to put something cool in his CV. Pata knew what everybody thinks, everybody knew Pata knew, nobody cares... they live in this gloomy, satire, depressing mood... a situation that arise after constant exposures to failed experiments.

Pata though suprised everybody, having an IT background, the chemical engineer successfully used recent nano technology breakthrough... the nano computer chips to make immune cells that were capable of creating new genetic codes that potentially could breed new generation of cells with higher levels of sensoric systems, analytical systems, and control systems... super cells.

These super cells might be able to detect most variations of HIV viruses quickly, organize themselves in tactical formations, and attacked the viruses mercilessly. Like a bunch of micro spartans.

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